About Alex

Professional Profile

  • Leading Marketing and Sales Agent for Miami Beach Homes
  • Over 14 years of Residential Real Estate Sales Experience
  • Partnered with a Top Selling Team, for 8 years, that has sold over $500 Million in Real Estate Sales
  • Professional team dedicated to customer service, teamwork, and exceptional communication with clients
  • Powerful Real Estate Marketing Strategies and Resources
  • Knowledge and Expertise of the Local Miami Beach Housing Market
  • Custom Designed Website Solely to Market Miami Beach Homes
  • Real Estate specific social media pages have reached over 40,000 targeted individuals Locally, Nationally and Internationally

Fortune International Realty

  • One of South Florida’s largest independently owned real estate companies
  • Recognized as a leader in high-end luxury real estate in the U.S. , Europe, and Latin America
  • Strong sales presence in South Florida
  • Over $3 Billion in sales per year
  • Access tot he largest network of Local, National, and International Brokers
  • Strong web presence
  • Partnered with TOWN Residential, New York's leading luxury real estate services firm.
  • Partnered with The Agency, a full-service, luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company with offices worldwide
  • Partnered with Savills, a leading real estate services firm with over 30,000 sales representatives and 600 offices worldwide.
  • Best American & Best Floridian Real Estate Agency by Bentley International Property Awards
  • Member of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate since 2003

Most Recent Notable Home Sales


3150 Sheridan Avenue
3070 Alton Road
6070 North Bay Road
2061 North Bay Road
3151 North Bay Road
150 South Hibiscus Drive
5515 LaGorce Drive
1015 13th Street
4445 Royal Palm Avenue
2192 Alton Road
2125 North Bay Road
4550 Jefferson Avenue
165 North Hibiscus Drive
100 East Rivo Alto Drive
2535 Pine tree Drive
1365 Bay Terrace
4301 Prairie Avenue
294 S Coconut Lane
5251 N Bay Road
2053 N Bay Road
199 Palm Avenue
257 Palm Avenue
2992 Alton Road
2062 Alton Road
4312 Alton Road
3131 N Bay Road
4354 Alton Road
490 S Shore Drive
1515 W 21 Street
240 Palm Avenue
333 S Hibiscus Drive
3619 Flamingo Drive
2979 Flamingo Drive
1000 S Shore Drive
3020 Alton Road
2135 N Bay Road
2122 Bay Avenue
4440 Prairie Avenue
415 Fairway Drive
425 W Di Lido Drive
110 N Hibiscus Drive
4573 Prairie Avenue
4505 Adams Avenue
220 West San Marino Drive

Mid-Miami Beach
Lower Alton Road
Upper North Bay Road
Lower North Bay Road
Lower North Bay Road
Hibiscus Island
LaGorce Drive
Flamingo Park
Mid-Miami Beach
Lower Alton Road
Lower North Bay Road
Mid-Miami Beach
Hibiscus Island
Rivo Alto Island
Mid Miami Beach
North Bay Island
Mid Miami Beach
Palm Island
North Bay Road
Lower North Bay Road
Palm Island
Palm Island
Lower Alton Road
Lower Alton Road
Alton Road
North Bay Road
Alton Road
Normandy Island
Sunset Island IV
Palm Island
Hibiscus Island
Flamingo Drive
Flamingo Drive
Normandy Island
Lower Alton Road
Lower North Bay Road
Sunset Island IV
Mid-Miami Beach
Normandy Gulf
Di Lido Island
Hibiscus Island
Mid Miami Beach
Mid Miami Beach
San Marino Island

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